Hello and welcome to AnneV.me! I’m so happy to have you join me as I build myself up as a person, as a business woman, and/or as whatever else I will become that I don’t even realize is in my future! My website will evolve as I do. Things might come and go, so stay tuned as both Anne V. the individual, and Anne V. the brand, grow.

My name is Cheranne Verduin, but I largely go by Anne Verduin. I am a podcast transcriptionist and a La Bella Baskets consultant. I currently work four days a week at a veterinary mail order pharmacy with these businesses on the side. As great of a job as it is for me in a lot of ways, I dream of a day when I can let it go because my businesses thrive so much that they can support me. When I’m not working in some shape or form, some of the things I enjoy are using an exercise ball, watching YouTube and TV, and hobby writing.

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Headshot of Anne smiling at the camera.chorale/pink shirt.